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I’ve been meaning to share this with the unwashed masses, since there’s no reason to keep fun stuff all to myself. Even I’m not that selfish. When I find fun stuff, I like to share it, and when I make fun stuff inspired by that fun stuff I found, well, I like to share that too!


A few months ago, Jack Shear (whom I know from some tabletop gaming communities on Google+) created a homebrew game setting for his table that he threw up on, and it really spoke to me.

I had been looking for something new and different to run for our annual long gaming weekend, so I queued up some White Zombie, Ramones, and Black Flag (among others), and dove in to write an adventure to run in this over-the-top setting.

Jack runs his PMF with the Savage Worlds system, and my initial reading of the Savage Worlds core book caused me to enthusiastically adopt it immediately for this, so that’s what I used.

Anyway, this wasn’t going to be a long, involved discussion on the subject. It’s just a fun module, in a crazy, lowbrow setting, and I’m giving the module away to anyone who’s interested.

So. Grab Jack’s book (NSFW, but then, what did you expect from something called “Planet Motherf**ker”? Seriously) (or here if you want a slick little paperback), read through it while listening to some rockin’ tunes (mildly NSFW graphic on that page, BTW), and grab CRANK’S CARNIES below, my first of several hastily slapped-together PMF modules.

Jack also has been posting the occasional new content for PMF here, so be sure and check his blog once in a while for a new monster or character archetype!

Here, download this

DISCLAIMER: I don’t in any way intend to infringe on anyone’s copyrights or offend anyone’s sensibilities, though to be honest, if you’re finding either in here, I probably won’t lose any sleep over it.

That said, this is my own material. I don’t care if you give it away, print it out and hand it out evangelically to people at the bus station, or email it to your grandma, just leave my name on it, please.

And any statblocks you find in the module that have game mechanics in them are pretty much just that. Statblocks. This can be used with the Savage Worlds system, or it can be easily adapted to whatever else you prefer to run.

So here’s the module itself and both maps in high-res format in case you want nicer looking ones printed out.

CRANK’S CARNIES — The full module

High-res map #1

High-res map #2


— Trent

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